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MarathonArtists LABs hosts First Demo Day @TileyardStudios London

Paul Rene Albertini Chairman and co-founder Marathon Artists & MarathonArtists LABs

MarathonArtists LABs hosted a demo day yesterday for the six startups we’ve been working with to develop tools for artists and music managers over the past six months.

After an introduction by Sushi Venture Partners & Marathon Artists Chairman Paul-Rene Albertini and Jimmy Mikaoui Managing Director Marathon Artists, each of the startups delivered a quick pitch and Q&A for the audience.

First up was Stagelink, a fan-powered tour promoter designed to crowdsource events and leverage online followings into succesful offline events. Stagelink does this by allowing artists and managers to track fan-demand, allowing for tours to be derisked while connecting with highly engaged audiences.

Michael Schütz — Marketing Head Stagelink

Michael Schütz , Marketing Head Stagelink

Next was Festyvent, a platform for enabling promoters and touring artists to better understand and monetize their shows before, during and after events. Designed to offer services such as reminders and maps to event goers, Festyvent also offers insight for promoters and artists into what their audience is interested in and where they are during an event.

David Jacobs , CEO Festyvent

Floviral, a service which owns over 50 million followers across multiple social media, was the next to present. Offering access to social media accounts with outreach of up to 1 million followers, Floviral delivers content in an authentic way in order to maximize the outreach and create the prized “viral” effect.

Christopher Lawrence , CEO Floviral

Magnetic, a boutique video network with a focus on active content management and optimizing asset monetization also presented. By focusing on inventory analysis and rights management, Magnetic helps with launch, growth, and continued management of video and social media channels.

Eva Knoll , CEO

Chainvine gave a presentation on their powerful tools for secure identity assertion and control of intellectual property. By working with Chainvine, an artist can assert control over their assets from songs to concert tickets, with access to these in real time and even the ability to transfer these rights to the people they choose to.

Oliver Oram , CEO Chainvine

Funtoad presented their technology platform designed to break down the barrier between artists and the audience. By harnessing the power of mobile devices, artists can create new audio and visual experiences synchronized with the whole crowd and their mobile devices, as well as offering lyric translation for performances abroad.

Gur Ziv ,  Founder & Product Lead Funtoad

After the presentations, our presenters and guests for a few hours of networking and drinks at Tileyard.

It was great to meet everyone and celebrate the achievements of our startup teams inthis specialised program addressing challenges for artists and music managers. We’re very much looking forward to doing it all again in a second program we’re planning later this year.

MarathonArtists LABs next program will focus on monetisation for artists and is scheduled for Autumn 2016.

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